Don’t Miss These on the Plame Affair

James C. Moore, Co-Author of Bush’s Brain,” The Political History of Karl Rove, explains why people would ever suspectthat this leak traces back to Rove.

Daniel Drezner’s most recent post and the comments following will give you a real feel for the way the Right is struggling with this story.

Two stories by my colleagues at Open Source Politics are not to be missed. Mark A. R. Kleiman helped keep this story alive through the late summer. He provides the overview here. Lilith Devlin explains why this story is important.

Ted at Crooked Timber dissects Scott McClellan’s press conference yesterday and comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t really deny any involvement on the part of Rove.

Devouring Their Own

The right-wing Internet news outlet NewsMax has turned its appetite for conspiracy on its own:

12) Many have wondered if Tenet has ‘something’ on the Bushes. Now many more are wondering who made those six phone calls – and who authorized them_13) We need to reverse things: if the Clinton White House had sold out an active-duty CIA agent as ‘payback’ for some whistle-blowing article, we would be outraged. This crime is no less serious because it was done in a Republican White House.

14) Long ago, in a piece entitled “Bush’s Achilles Heel,” I wrote that this Bush’s weakness was the entire mystery, secrecy and sometimes-illegality of the intelligence community. This Plame leak now threatens to become a huge story – involving lawbreaking, revenge, abuse of power and the inevitable cover-up. Plus the 10 Democrats running for President and the media are going to have a field day with it.


The myth of the well-disciplined, tightly run, “corporate-style” White House is dissolving.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

ne thing that the Plame affair is accomplishing is distinguishing those bloggers on the right who think independently and truly value integrity from those who follow the party (the Republican Party, that is) line no matter what. Dan Drezner, who is taking a lot of heat, is an example of the former. Tom at “Tbogg” gives us the [...]

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Thinking Out Loud: Don’t Rule Out Bush Just Yet

Tim Dunlop points to a piece in Counterpunch that invites the kind of “thinking out loud” that the blogosphere and the First Amendment allow. Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill rely primarily on remarks and documents from Joseph Wilson to point the finger at Karl Rove and/or Dick Cheney. They write this to contradict Cheney’s MTP statement that he didn’t know Wilson: [...]

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